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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vanguard a good company to invest in?

Vanguard's low-cost model and large fund selection make the broker a good choice for long-term investors, but the firm lacks the kind of robust trading platform active traders require.

Should I invest in Vanguard?

Investing in a Vanguard mutual fund is one of the lowest-risk investments you can make, and it doesn’t cost much to open and fund an account. Mutual funds are also inexpensive to operate, as managers gear the portfolio structure for the long term, reducing trading commissions that might increase the expense ratio.

Is Vanguard non profit or investor owned?

Vanguard is not a not for profit company. It is a quasi-mutual company; the Vanguard funds own Vanguard in proportion to their net assets. This means, in non-technical terms, that any Vanguard profit is actually just returned to the funds. Jack Bo...

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