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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vanguard a good company to invest in?

Vanguard is synonymous with low-cost investing: The company has a solid reputation for the well-below-average expense ratios on its index funds and exchange-traded funds. For long-term investors looking to pair a buy-and-hold strategy with the lowest-cost offerings, it's hard to beat the service and selection found with Vanguard.

How do I invest in Vanguard funds?

Open an account at the Vanguard website. One of the easiest ways to buy Vanguard mutual funds is to open an account at the company website and buy the funds you want directly from Vanguard. You'll need to deposit some money into your Vanguard account that you'll use to purchase the mutual funds.

Can foreigner invest in Vanguard funds?

Vanguard is one of the companies that do not accept account applications from non-U.S. residents aliens (including EU citizens and expats). Fortunately, there are U.S. brokerage firms that welcome international investors - Firstrade and ZacksTrade.

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