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Frequently Asked Questions

What is valvalarie Allman's record?

Valarie Allman’s personal best in the event was set at the Ironwood Throws Center Invitational in Rathdrum, Idaho, in 2020, when he threw 70.15 meters, setting a new world record. Coach Zebulon Sion at the University of Texas, where she also works as a volunteer assistant, is where she presently resides.

How old is Valarie Allman now?

Valarie Carolyn Allman was born on February 23, 1995, in Newark, Delaware, to David Allman and Lisa Allman. She is the daughter of David and Lisa Allman. Valarie Allman received his high school diploma from Silver Creek High School in Longmont, Colorado, in 2013.

What high school did Alisha Allman go to?

When Allman arrived at Silver Creek High School in Longmont, Colorado, the track coach there couldn’t help but notice her physical gifts. Looking for an activity to do outside of dance, Allman went out for the team. Her time as a sprinter and jumper didn’t quite tug at her passions, though.

How did Allman rise to fame?

Allman quickly rose through the sport. She went from setting the Colorado high school state record to Stanford, where she won All-America honors doing the discus, hammer throw and weight throw. By 2017 she had graduated and made her first world championships in discus, and two years later she made the final there.

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