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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer a patient to UW Medicine?

To refer a patient, complete and fax the UW Medicine referral form to 206-598-4576. Please include recent progress notes and imaging along with a clear description of your goals for the consultation. For questions about the referral process please call 206-598-4282.

What is UUW medicine?

UW Medicine is a premier healthcare system that integrates comprehensive patient care and nationally ranked research for over 300 medical clinics. Find a doctor or book an appointment online.

What is the Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic at UWMC?

The psychiatrists and psychologists at the Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic at UWMC-Roosevelt assist UW Medicine providers in caring for patients with psychiatric disorders. Clinical psychiatrists generally see patients for a one-time consultation to determine diagnosis and recommend treatment.

Why choose UW Center for pain relief?

At the UW Center for Pain Relief we have an unmatched world-renowned combination of expertise, diversity, experience and skills in our multispecialty clinical team focused on the diagnosis and treatment of people with ongoing pain.

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