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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the book Utopia important?

Utopia, originally written in Latin and later translated into many languages, depicts what its narrator, Raphael Hythloday, claimed to be an ideal human society, the island of Utopia. The book was a huge success, vaulting More into renown, and not only founding a literary tradition but lending that tradition its name, the utopian novel.

What people were influenced by the book Utopia?

While More cannot be classified in any formal sense as a philosopher, it is in his writings in defence of humanism and in Utopia that he can best be seen as an exponent of ideas. Who influenced Thomas More? Desiderius Erasmus hugely influenced Thomas More. The two friends hugely admired the Greek satirist Lucian.

How many pages are in the book Utopia?

The text of this book is classic, and so I don't need to review More's philosophy. But the book itself was deficient in terms of the print formatting. Page margins are ignored in this print to maximize print space, at the expense of visual ergonomics. The result is a frugal yet cost effective 70 pages, which could have been much better arranged.

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