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Frequently Asked Questions

Is naloxone legal in Utah?

Click the UTAH NALOXONE VIDEOS link on the left side of the menu and reach out if you have any questions after watching them. opioid overdose death in Utah. Naloxone (Narcan®) reverses and stops an opioid overdose. It saves lives, and is legal to have!

How do I choose a naloxone training course?

Naloxone training is offered as a full module or as separate mini-modules and patient cases. Choose one or more of the mini-modules or patient cases if you prefer a quick training to focus on a specific topic or to improve a skill. Earn continuing education credits (CE) after completing the full module.

Why legalize opioid addiction in Utah?

It saves lives, and is legal to have! Utah has the 1st highest rate of drug overdose death for veterans (2014). These rates increased nearly 400% between 2000-2010, and are continuting to rise. Children and adolescents are impacted both directly and indirectly by opioid overdose.

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