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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Opt myself out of USPS Informed Delivery?

The postal service said households can opt out online from Informed Delivery and warns their inspectors are watching. "Informed Delivery is a criminal's worst nightmare because we are continually monitoring for any suspicious behavior, and anyone who misuses our products, we're going to detect that.

Does USPS send email notifications?

How Can You Avoid It: The USPS does not send email notifications when they have a package for pick-up. Always check with the source directly to see if the email is legitimate. Contact your local post office by phone. Report the scam by forwarding the email to [email protected] and then delete the email.

Does USPS Tracking say delivered?

Once that happens, the tracking status will say ''delivered to agent''. An agent refers to whoever receives the package, but it doesn't only have to be an authorized person. Packages often end up at the local postal service, and the USPS tracking system shows the same status.

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