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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a user story map?

How to create a user story map in 7 steps Step 1: Frame the journey Step 2: Build your story backbone Step 3: Identify and group activities Step 4: Break large tasks into subtasks Step 5: Fill in the blanks Step 6: Prioritize tasks and subtasks (but leave your backbone as is) Step 7: “Slice” groups of tasks into iterations

What is story mapping?

Story mapping is a top-down approach that breaks down your product vision into actionable steps you can prioritize. You can think of the basic structure of it as a tree. The trunk is your product vision. The large branches are goals. The smaller ones are activities. And then the leaves are tasks (or user stories).

What is a user story template?

This user story template will help you capture epics and user stories in one place. Themes are at the top of the agile work hierarchy — above epics and user stories. They represent major investments in strategic initiatives and convey how you intend to make progress toward your overall business goals.

How do you work with user stories?

Working with User Stories. Once a story has been written, it’s time to integrate it into your workflow. Generally a story is written by the product owner, product manager, or program manager and submitted for review. During a sprint or iteration planning meeting, the team decides what stories they’ll tackle that sprint.

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