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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does staccato P cost?

Search Staccato P $2,099.00 - $2,799.00 MSRP: Availability:Estimated 90-120 DaysNeed it faster? Add Staccato Fast Track Model Staccato P Staccato P Optic-Ready Frame Option Steel Aluminum Barrel Options Standard Stainless BarrelDLC (Diamond Like Carbon) BarrelStandard Stainless Threaded BarrelDLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Threaded Barrel Quantity:

What are the different types of staccato 2011 p?

Also Staccato 2011 P comes in your choice of either DLC coated or Stainless Barrel finishes. The P can also be order in a threaded or none threaded barrel version. This is a perfect addition for a compensator or suppressor. Another option is the P DUO/DPO Optics Ready models that are cut for your favorite reflex sight.

What is the best pistol in the staccato P/P DPO?

The XL is the most accurate, fastest, flattest shooting pistol in the Staccato Staccato 2011 P DPO CS Frame 9MM 4.4" DLC SS Bull G2 Grip - $2099.98 NEW for 2021 The Staccato P/P DPO is finished with a flush fit 11-degree crown barrel.

Are staccato pistols safe?

Staccato pistols are approved for duty by over 250 agencies across the country. Reliable, durable, insanely accurate, safe, and easy to shoot well, Staccato pistols are fast becoming the pistol of choice for shooters of all skill levels ranging from professionals to home defenders to beginners.

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