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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there lemon laws for used cars in Tennessee?

When a used car is not drivable or is too costly to repair but payments are still owed, the owners are hurt and squeezed. While Tennessee has a Lemon Law, it only protects the owners of new cars and motor vehicles, not owners of used cars and vehicles. In fact, under Tennessee law, used cars are not afforded the protection of Tennessee’s Lemon Law.

Do you pay sales tax purchasing an used car in Tennessee?

Whether you buy a new or used car in Tennessee, you must pay sales tax on the purchase unless it is exempt. Vehicle sales are subject to the Tennessee state sales tax and an additional single-article tax depending on the sales price of the vehicle.

What are Tennessee's auto recall laws?

January 1 saw the enactment of Tennessee House Bill 141, to the collective groan of consumers. In a nutshell, this new law prevents consumers from suing car dealers if they purchase a used vehicle with an open safety recall, as long as it was disclosed, and the customer signed off on that disclosure.

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