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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Chinese version of use for my talent?

It will have the same plotline as that of the Korean version since the Chinese version is only a remake. The series, Use for My Talent, has been in talks and production for quite a lot of time. However, the release of the series has not taken place yet.

Who is Gu Ren Qi in use for my talent?

Use For My Talent will revolve around total opposites Gu Ren Qi (played by Jasper) and Shi Shuang Jiao (played by Shen Yue). The story begins with Ren Qi, a cold businessman suffering from mysophobia after experiencing a traumatic event, working to establish his own cleaning company.

When will use for my talent release on Netflix?

The series is facing some delays due to some unavoidable circumstances. Initially, the series did plan to release in March 0f 2021. However, it got postponed until April 05, 2021. Now, the show did not release even on April 05, 2021. Use for My Talent will air on the Mango TV network and Netflix streaming service.

Who are the cast of use for my talent?

Use for My Talent’s leading cast includes Jasper Liu and Shen Yue in the role of Gu Ren Xi and Shi Shuang Jiao. The supporting members include Dai Yun Fan, Qi Sheng Han, Yanan, Zhu Xin Zong, Tan Quan, Huang Si Rui, Xiao Run, Su Meng Di, and Charles Lin.

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