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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is time of use?

This “diet” isn’t a weight loss plan, but rather a “bulking strategy” for weightlifters looking to add muscle mass in a short amount of time. The gallon of milk a day (GOMAD) diet is exactly what it sounds like: a regimen that involves drinking a gallon of whole milk over the course of a day. This is in addition to your regular intake of food.

What does time of use (TOU) mean?

Time of Use Energy Metering (TOU) Time-of-Use, or TOU as it is commonly referred to, is the segregation of energy rates based on the time in which the energy is being consumed. TOU is a way in which utility providers attempt to alleviate demand during peak periods by enforcing a tariff structure that charges an increased rate within the typical ...

What are "time of use" rates?

Time-Of-Use rates better align the price of electricity with the cost of electricity at the time it is produced and the cost to deliver it to your business. Rates will generally be higher during summer weekday afternoons when demand is higher, and lower at all other times, which provides an incentive for customers to shift electricity use away from more expensive peak hours.

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