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Frequently Asked Questions

How does sustainable urban mobility planning work in practice?

1.4 How does Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning work in practice? Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning is not a theoretical concept. It was developed using a bottom-up approach based on the experience of many planning practitioners and other experts.

How do cities respond to the growth of mobility?

5. Transportation and the Urban Structure Urbanization involves an increased number of trips in urban areas. Cities have traditionally responded to the growth in mobility by expanding the transportation supply by building new highways and transit lines.

What is urbanization and why does it matter?

Urbanization is occurring in accordance with the development of urban transport systems, particularly in terms of their capacity and efficiency. Historically, movements within cities tended to be restricted to walking, which made urban mobility rather inefficient and time-consuming.

What is the impact of globalization on urban space?

Globalization has increased the mobility of people and freight, both in relative and absolute terms, and consequently the amount of urban space required to support those activities. Many major terminals are located in the peripheral areas of cities, which are the only locations where sufficient amounts of land are available.

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