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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unlocking process?

"Unlocking" a device refers only to disabling software that would prevent a consumer from attempting to activate a device designed for one provider's network on another provider's network even if that network is technologically compatible.

How long does it take to unlock my phone?

Prepaid Unlocking Policy. Carriers, upon request, will unlock mobile wireless devices no later than one year after initial activation, consistent with reasonable time, payment, or usage requirements. Notice.

What are the benefits of unlocking my phone?

Unlocking a cell phone allows consumers to move their cell phone from one network to another compatible network. Some cell phones may contain software that prevents them from being used on different mobile networks even when those networks are technologically compatible.

How can I unlock my phone?

Contact your wireless service provider to find out when and how your phone may be unlocked. Many devices can be unlocked with unlock codes or other software updates.

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