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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of Unilever’s packaging is made from recycled plastic?

Approximately 50% of the plastic packaging used in Unilever North America product packaging is post-consumer recycled plastic The world has never had a clearer view of the social and environmental challenges that face us all. The need for action has never been greater.

What does Unilever’s move to go circular mean for the packaging industry?

By committing to ambitious circular economy goals for plastic packaging, Unilever is contributing to tangible system change and sending a strong signal to the entire fast-moving consumer goods industry.

Where are Unilever’s products made?

Unilever’s manufacturing site in Hefei, China, joins the WEF’s renowned Global Lighthouse Network.

Is Unilever a sustainable brand?

Unilever has been named industry leader in the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Index and retained leadership of the Globescan Sustainability Leaders survey in 2020. Unilever’s Sunlight brand has been making hygiene and cleanliness affordable around the world since the 1880s.

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