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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you get for unemployment in Oregon?

Oregon unemployment laws set the minimum and maximum amounts of UI benefits you can receive. Currently, the weekly minimum is $151 and the weekly maximum is $648. If you were unable to work because you were sick or injured, you may be able to file an Oregon unemployment extension that increases your base year to additional calendar quarters.

How long can you be on unemployment in Oregon?

Length of Unemployment Benefits in Oregon. The maximum length of unemployment benefits is usually 26 weeks. Due to changing conditions unemployment benefits may be extended. During times of high unemployment in Oregon, individuals may become qualified for unemployment benefit extensions.

What is the maximum weekly unemployment benefit in Oregon?

Under Oregon law, each year the Oregon Employment Department recalculates the maximum and minimum amounts of unemployment insurance benefits people can receive each week. The amounts are set as percentages of the average weekly wage earned by Oregonians. The minimum benefit amount is 15% of average weekly wage, and the maximum amount is 64%.

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