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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for underground?

Another word for underground. underground. modif. buried, covered, subterrene, earthed over, under the sod, in the recesses of the earth, gone to earth; see also under 1. hidden, undercover, clandestine; see secret 2, 3. experimental, radical, avant-garde; see unusual 2.

What is underground activity?

The term “underground activity” simply refers to an activity that is hidden or away from the scrutiny of law and government. Underground activities may be economic ones in relation with the jobs, services, business transactions that are carried out to avoid taxation.

Will underground return?

HipHollywood can confirm that Underground will not be coming back . It was announced back in 2016 that WGN's popular show was being canceled after two impeccable seasons. Due to the rave reviews, however, folks hoped that possibly the drama would return to a different network, but according to creator, Anthony Hemingway, the show is officially done.

What is underground facility?

The Underground Facility is an underground area in Tokyo Jungle. It is unlocked by completing story mission 13 and retrieving the USB from Yoyogi Park East. The Underground Facility is where the last story mission, Act.

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