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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Under Armour’s Sonic 2 the best run trainer for You?

Under Armour’s latest doesn’t kill in one particular area, but can do a heck of a lot quite well. The RW Takeaway: The Sonic 2 is a neutral, 8mm-drop trainer that has a built-in run-tracking sensor and versatile cushioning on the cheap. Poring over results postrace is the data-driven runner’s guilty pleasure.

Are hovr shoes hard or soft?

On its own, Hovr feels soft, without the “mushy” feeling that some runners note in plush trainers. But when nested inside a compressive mesh called Energy Web, Hovr gets an extra bounce that sets it apart from shoes like the Brooks Glycerin.

Can the Sonic run in slush and ice?

Even through slush and ice, the durable rubber outsole promised confident landings, and a sturdy TPU heel counter adds extra support if you want to stretch out the distance on your long runs, or pick up the pace on the track. Rest assured the Sonic will let you know if you do.

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