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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Vanya kept separate from the Umbrella Academy?

This is a question for Sir Reginald Hargreeves to answer but from the series, one can say that the biggest reason why Vanya was always kept separate from The Umbrella Academy was because of her incredibly dangerous powers that could cause a lot of damage, if left uncontrolled.

What happened to Viktor in Umbrella Academy?

"Umbrella Academy" returned to Netflix on Wednesday. The premiere episode doesn't address Viktor's transition as his family and friends still know him as Vanya. The character also still sports the same long hair he's had since Season 1 — something that later becomes symbolic.

How do the Umbrella Academy members prevent the Apocalypse?

In the comic, the Umbrella Academy members manage to prevent the apocalypse when Number Five shoots Vanya in the head and leaves her severely brain-damaged. The show alludes to this moment when Allison holds a gun to Vanya's head, but it diverges when Allison fires near her ear instead of directly wounding Vanya.

What are the details in the Umbrella Academy Comics?

However, many of the details in the Umbrella Academy comics are different. Rather than focus on Vanya's gradual descent into villainy, Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite shows her transformation early on. Vanya is recruited by a villain named The Conductor into the Orchestra Verdammten.

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