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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the harmful effects of ultraviolet light?

UV Light and Health Effects Biological Effect of UV Light. ... UVC Effect on Skin. ... Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) UV radiation is easily absorbed by clothing, plastic or glass. ... Safety Design/Control/Monitoring/Maintenance. ... Response to UV Exposure. ...

What are ultraviolet lights good for?

Ultraviolet is used in fluorescent lights and LED lighting - the light source actually emits ultraviolet, which is converted to visible light by phosphors. It is also used in tanning lamps, to sterilize water and other items, and as a photocatalyst. Dentists use UV-cured cement to instantly bond teeth.

What devices use ultraviolet light?

UV photography, which is often used for medical, scientific and forensic purposes, uses specific lenses to let UV light pass through the camera's lenses. Nature photographers may use UV photography to capture patterns in flowers the human eye cannot see.

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