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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ultralinq and how does it work?

The UltraLinq platform has changed the way we collate cardiac screening data within the Football Association, Premier League and the England Football League. It has become the hub of our cardiac screenings which has enabled us to create medical passports for our football players in one secure place.

Where can I find ultralinq PACS software?

Check out our UK site or our US site Designed for all Cardiovascular and ultrasound imaging, UltraLinq's cloud PACS platform helps businesses read, report, and share patient reports. Still searching for the right software?

Why ultultralinq for sonography?

Ultralinq offers our sonography program the ease of use from any location. We are able to send studies in the lab, and the students can complete worksheets from personal computers. It has really helped the workflow, we no longer rely on outdated printing of images, but can simulate a PACs system for the students.

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