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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to include “ukulele” in the title of my Song?

You don’t need to include “ukulele” because, like I said above, uke chords are the same as guitar chords. Confused with the chords for an ukulele song?

What are the best easy Ukulele Songs to learn?

One of the top easy ukulele songs on this list, Jambalaya is the perfect first tune for a total newbie. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to make a local parody and change the lyrics to reflect your hometown.

What is MyMy ukulele songbook?

My aim was to produce a "universal" song-book that included the most loved and requested songs, based on a survey many different Ukulele clubs. It includes a very wide choice of songs from many genres, include folk, traditional, regional, novelty, pop, rock, blues, holiday songs and lots more.

Are there any Hawaiian songs for ukulele?

These are songs in Hawaiian language. If you can get a grasp on basic pronunciation, Hawaiian music is a beginning ukulele player’s paradise. There are many, many Hawaiian songs that follow the same exact chord progression (order). A great simple ukulele tune and also one of the easiest songs to learn to hula.

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