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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Ukrainian woman look like?

Most Ukrainian women have the so-called Slavic type of appearance - they have blond hair and skin, gray, blue or green eyes, and regular facial features. They are proportionally folded, and most of them have a stately figure.

What do Ukrainian women want?

A significant number of women refuse life, which is supposed to be in Ukraine. They want to be free and independent . Ukrainian ladies are willing to get a prestigious work and do whatever they want in their spare time. Hence, for these ladies, the choice of a Ukrainian husband is out of the question.

How to understand an Ukrainian woman?

Ukrainian women actually have a diverse spectrum of looks . Hair color range from dark black, to light blonde, and even redheads are represented. Eye color also runs the gamut, from brown, grey, green and blue eyes. While their facial features are varied, their bodies types are usually slender. Ukrainian girls have the typical model-like body shape .

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