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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Russia massing military units on Ukraine’s Frontier?

US media alleged that Russia is massing military units along the frontier, but rivals dismiss claim. Kyiv hails ‘long-awaited victory’ in treasure dispute and pledges to return Russian-annexed Crimea in the ruling’s wake. A look at how autocratic leaders and tyrants undermine democracy, media failings, and those willing to challenge power.

Is Ukroboronprom the most corrupt Ukrainian defence sector?

According to multiple reports the level of corruption in Ukroboronprom remains very high even in comparison with other parts of Ukrainian defence sector. The systemic corruption in Ukroboronprom reached such a high level that it undermines relationship of Ukraine with its most important supporters.

Is Ukraine becoming anti-Russia?

Ukraine is becoming ‘anti-Russia’, Putin says Russian president accuses Ukraine’s leaders of overseeing a ‘cleansing’ of the country’s political space. 14 May 2021 Ukraine says Russia still has 100,000 troops near its borders Russian troops remain positioned near eastern Ukraine and in Crimea despite pullback order, says state security chief.

What is “Ukroboronprom”?

“Ukroboronprom” was created by the decrees of the President of Ukraine of 9.12.2010 No. 1085/2010 and 28.12.2010 No. 1245/2010, as well as decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of 29.12.2010 No. 1221 and 31.08.2011 No. 993.

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