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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the UFO report a national security threat?

The Department of Defense announced its plans to streamline the collection and analysis of UFO reports across the government Tuesday, following the government's acknowledgment earlier this year that these reports are worth studying and may pose a national security threat.

Are there UFOs in the U . S . military?

According to two former Department of Defense officials, the Pentagon office recently tasked with assessing U.S.military encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is woefully ill-equipped and improperly staffed to tackle its new mission.

Who is UFO gaming and what do they do?

UFO Gaming is an independent gaming company, developing blockchain games within an ever expanding ecosystem. Players come together to create their own clans, own and trade virtual land, and earn NFTs and cryptocurrency, all within the Dark Metaverse.

What is UFO gaming and the dark Metaverse?

UFO Gaming seeks to bridge the gap between blockchain and traditional mobile and PC games, offering unprecedented player opportunities within the P2E realm. The Dark Metaverse is a closed loop ecosystem that will consist of P2E games with breedable, in-game NFTs that allow users to receive revenue.

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