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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does UCLA play next in football?

UCLA football becomes bowl eligible for first time since 2017 ... and we have a big one coming up next week against USC. ... The Bruins roster does have a small group of players who did play in ...

Did UCLA win?

UCLA has won the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship 11 times in a row. The last time they lost was 1975. They have been ranked number one for 14 consecutive years and are the only team to hold this record. UCLA is also the first school to win three straight championships in 1967, 1968 and 1969.

Is UCLA football on TV?

UCLA football defensive back Martell Irby and linebacker Bo Calvert ... Back-to-back, there's a stretch where it's every day, you turn on the TV and maybe just wanna watch ESPN for fun and all of a sudden there's a bowl game and you're like 'Ah dang.'

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