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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of taking UCLA Extension courses?

With over 84,000 adult student enrollments each year, UCLA Extension is one of the largest university continuing education programs in the world. It is designed to bring the benefits of UCLA—its scholars, research, and resources—to the community and the state as a whole.

What kind of courses does UCLA Extension offer?

Many professionals who have university degrees enroll in UCLA Extension courses and programs to update their knowledge in such fields as engineering, computer science, business and management, health sciences and teacher education. Learn more about our custom programs and corporate education.

How do I enroll in a UCLA Extension course?

Although registering for Extension courses does not constitute admission to UCLA, degree credit earned through Extension may apply toward the UCLA bachelor’s or master’s degree; consult a College or school counselor or graduate adviser before enrolling. For more information, refer to UCLA Extension under Transfer Credit in Academic Policies.

What is the Coding Boot Camp at UCLA Extension?

The Coding Boot Camp equips students with the key skills for full-stack web development through dynamic classes. Why Get Skills-Based Training Online at UCLA Extension? UCLA Extension Boot Camps get you ready with the in-demand skills you need to advance or start a career in coding, cybersecurity, or product management.

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