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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the UA Sonic improve form?

Like all UA shoes, the Sonic is fully connected. This makes it easier for runners to track running metrics like cadence and stride length without having to carry an extra device with them while they run. With this data, UA will suggest cues to improve form through the MapMyRun app.

Are the hovr Sonic midsole firm underfoot?

The HOVR Sonic midsole is designed to feel firm underfoot, but that’s because the speed trainer was made to provide multiple benefits. Of course, one of the shoe’s many standout features is its low-to-the-ground feel.

What is UA hovr™ technology?

UA HOVR™ technology provides 'zero gravity feel' to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact. Compression mesh Energy Web contains & molds UA HOVR™ foam to give back the energy you put in. Lightweight engineered mesh upper for ultimate breathability.

Are Sonic 4s good for running?

This shoe strikes a lovely balance of being both lightweight and durable at the same time – exactly what runners want. Finally, one of the most exciting changes with the Sonic 4 is the creation of sex-specific lasts for the shoes, meaning that the women’s shoe is no longer just a small version of the men’s.

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