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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tytus Grill?

The thoughtfully designed stacked stone finish and handy side cabinets help bring the look and convenience of your kitchen outdoors without sacrificing power or quality. With 62,000 total BTUs available on heavy-gauge 304 solid stainless-steel cooking grates and dual-port burners, TYTUS delivers a comprehensive grilling experience every time.

How many BTU is a Tytus stacked stone grill Island?

62,000 Total BTUs of efficient heat and performance delivered by 4 heavy-gauge 304 stainless-steel dual-port burners and complimented by a heavy-gauge 304 stainless-steel sear burner and able to be natural gas convertible (sold separately) The TYTUS stacked stone Grill Island revolutionizes the grilling experience from start to finish.

Is Tytus a good tackle?

“Tytus has done a fantastic job,” offensive line coach George Warhop said. “As you guys remember, even last year when I first got here, I said Tytus is a guy that can play multiple spots. He can be a good player inside. He can be a good player outside, and he’s just proven that. He’s been a very good tackle for us.”

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