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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get FIFA 20 loot on Twitch Prime?

If that box doesn’t appear, go to the top left of the Twitch Prime page, then click the Twitch Prime logo. That should take you to a page where you can sign into Amazon, then make the necessary link. 3) Next up, click the big square marked FIFA 20 to be taken through to the corresponding loot page. If that doesn’t work, try this link.

How do I claim the Twitch loot?

Claiming the Twitch loot is relatively straightforward, although it can prove a little difficult for those looking to link their accounts for the first time. Head to the Prime Gaming Website.

How do I get Twitch Prime gaming drops?

Here is how to get your hands on those elusive Twitch Prime drops. The Twitch Prime Gaming drops come once a month, and are exclusive to those who have a valid Twitch account and a valid Amazon Prime account (subscriptions required).

What rewards are available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team?

Well, as we've previously reported, FIFA 21 players can get their hands on in-game rewards for Ultimate Team, which includes one 81+ OVR Player Pick Item and four Rare Gold Player Items - while Team of the Year player items are available in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team for a limited time.

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