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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tutor LMS?

Teach anyone anything from anywhere. Your best bet to create & sell awesome eLearning courses - all in one place! Tutor LMS comes with a revolutionary drag & drop system to create resourceful courses. It's feature-rich, yet easy to use. Our design is centered around enhancing your experience, so you better believe it's gonna be amazing!

What can LMS experts do for You?

Custom Add-on Development LMS Experts delivers you custom add-ons to increase your existing Tutor LMS functionality. Our experts will help you build the perfect elearning platform for your website. Tutor LMS Theme Customization LMS Experts provides Tutor LMS theme customization services for your learning management website.

What is the best free LMS for creating online courses?

Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that simplifies complex course creation process by providing user-friendly avenues. It includes a drag & drop course builder & an advanced quiz creator with 10 question types. It has useful addons like multi-instructor, reports, assignment, course prerequisite, certificates, email, course preview & more!

What is the withdrawal option in tutor LMS?

The withdrawal option in Tutor LMS helps manage withdrawals easily. You can predefine the minimum amount in this WordPress LMS plugin that needs to be earned before instructors can send a withdrawal request. It also comes with the option to select the withdrawal method such as bank transfer, PayPal, and ECHECK.

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