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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TTL and what is it used for?

Time to live (TTL) or hop limit is a mechanism which limits the lifespan or lifetime of data in a computer or network. In computer networking, TTL prevents a data packet from circulating indefinitely. In computing applications, TTL is commonly used to improve the performance and manage the caching of data.

What does TTL stand for?

What Is TTL? TTL — which, as we’ve mentioned, stands for “Time to Live” — is a setting that determines how long your data (in packet form) is valid and available from within a network before the router clears it. We can also refer to this time as “hops,” which is the number of times it bounces between different routers.

What is the full form of TTL?

What is the full form of TTL in Networking? The full form of TTL is Time to live. What is the full form of TTL in Computing? Time to live. What are the full forms of TTL in Worldwide? Transistor–transistor logic | Time to live

What does TTL stand for in model?

What does TTL stand for? TTL stands for Telescopes for the Las. Advertisement: This definition appears very rarely. See other definitions of TTL. Other Resources: Acronym Finder has 41 verified definitions for TTL. Tweet. Link/Page Citation ... There is no standard practice or model.

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