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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a truth in every Lie?

No - the saying "There's a little truth in every lie" is not a promise, it's a warning. It would be better said, "The best lie contains an element of truth.". It means, be careful - don't be seduced by the sophisticated lie just because it contains some measure of truth.

Is it bad to tell the truth?

Regrettably, telling the truth is sometimes dangerous. Especially when it threatens long-standing understandings of how things are "supposed" to be. Telling the truth or uncovering lies can lead to a loss of friends, status, access to decision making or credibility.

Can You Lie by telling the truth?

The most dangerous liars are the ones those who think they are telling the truth. So, yes, if you believe something to be true (which is actually a lie) you are lying by telling the truth. This can happen in cases of brainwashing, misinformation, disorders, etc.

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