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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Donald Trump going to Camp David for his last weekend?

President Donald Trump is making the last weekend getaway of his presidency with a trip to Camp David tomorrow, a White House official confirmed to Insider.

What is Camp David and where is it located?

Camp David, officially a US Navy installation known as Naval Support Facility Thurmont, has been largely shunned by Trump during his presidency in favour of Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump's most recent visit was this past Thanksgiving where he was accompanied by staff and family following the election.

Why is Camp David so important to Thurmont?

For Thurmont residents, Camp David has been a source of pride, putting the town on the world map, attracting foreign journalists and diplomatic staff with expense accounts. And historians worry that Trump's preference for more high-profile retreats will mark a decline in Camp David as a symbol of simple American values and deliberative diplomacy.

How many times a month does the President visit Camp David?

It doesn’t depend on the president, it depends on the rhythm… I’m not telling the president how to use his Camp David, but…one to two times a month is a nice rhythm for everyone.”

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