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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some trivia questions?

Not necessarily. Trivia questions are a form of trivia that come in the form of questions, much like a quiz. Trivia questions are much more fun than just reading factoids. It gives the reader a chance to test their knowledge of useless facts, sometimes with a range of multiple choice options.

What are the rules for trivia?

Trivia Rules: No yelling out answers, right or wrong. It disrupts the game and can bother other players. Up to 6 players per team are allowed. There is a 5 point penalty for a team of 7, and a 10 point pentalty for a team of 8. Groups of 9+ MUST split up to play.. The penalty will be assessed before the final questions.

What are the benefits of playing trivia games?

The benefits of playing trivia and quiz games are proven and tested and some of them are: Expanding players’ general knowledge. Helping players to get to know how to work in teams. Assisting in the process of working on computers. It is fun, challenging and competitive at the same time.

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