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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Trenčín Region mean?

The Trenčín Region ( Slovak: Trenčiansky kraj, pronounced [ˈtrɛntʃɪ̯anski ˈkraj]; Czech: Trenčínský kraj) is one of the eight Slovak administrative regions. It consists of 9 districts ( okresy ).

What to do in Trenčín?

The Trenčín Synagogue, built in 1913 is now a cultural center with exhibitions and concerts. Pohoda, the most visited music festival in Slovakia, has been organized in Trenčín since 1997. As of 2004 , it takes place at the Trenčín Airport.

When was the city of Trenčín captured?

Trenčín was captured by the Romanian and Soviet troops on 10 April 1945. Since 1990, the historical centre of the city has been largely restored and since 1996 it has been the seat of Trenčín Region and Trenčín District. The castle and its Roman inscription have attracted tourism since.

How many students are there in Trenčín?

Secondary education is represented by five gymnasia with 1,974 students, 5 specialized high schools with 1,892 students, and 6 vocational schools with 3,975 students. Trenčín lies near the main Slovak motorway and is an important stop on the main railway line from Bratislava to Žilina and Košice.

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