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Frequently Asked Questions

Should travel nurse pay be capped?

Some States Are Trying to Cap Travel Nurses’ Pay. Here’s Why That’s a Bad Idea Those who wish to implement price caps really just wish to ignore the reality of scarcity. Kirsten Newcomb worked in Virginia as a nurse for ten years. Her job was grueling. She’d work four 10 hour shifts each week.

Is there a cap on pay for nurses?

While both letters complained of the high rates staffing agencies are charging health care facilities to supply workers, neither mentioned capping pay for nurses or proposed any federal legislation that would cap pay.

Will price caps on travel nursing stop showing up?

Economists call this the law of supply. We don’t have to wonder or even rely on economic theory alone to know what would happen should politicians implement price caps on travel nursing. The online nursing community is making it known loud and clear—they’ll stop showing up.

Is the rise in demand for travel nursing a good thing?

For the nurses who have witnessed the darkest moments of the pandemic under harrowing work conditions, the rise in demand for travel nursing has come as a welcome opportunity. Agencies that staff nurses around the country started paying as much as twice nurses’ regular salaries to those willing to travel to areas with a staffing need.

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