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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a travel nurse pay cap?

A travel nurse pay cap would effectively put a ceiling on the amount of money a staffing agency could bill for a nurse. Or, put a limit how much money a nurse could make. While it might not be directed towards the nurse, they are directly effected. Staffing agencies are supposed to cover the differences when a hospital changes a contracts terms.

Should we cap agency nurse pay to stop ballooning wages?

However, in an attempt to stop the ballooning wages—and perhaps better balance the gap between staff and travel nurse pay—some states have introduced legislation to cap agency nurse pay. As you can imagine, the idea has a lot of people talking, so here’s more on what the legislation is proposing, and how nurses are responding.

Will price caps on travel nursing stop showing up?

Economists call this the law of supply. We don’t have to wonder or even rely on economic theory alone to know what would happen should politicians implement price caps on travel nursing. The online nursing community is making it known loud and clear—they’ll stop showing up.

Is travel nursing a lucrative career?

Travel nursing has been quite lucrative over the past few years ( How Much Money Do Travel Nurses Make ). If you haven’t heard, recently there has a been a huge push to cut travel nurse pay. Well, more specifically the travel nurse agencies pay. Later, we’ll go into detail a bit more, but it’s a big topic right now.

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