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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a travel nurse make a week?

Travel nurse pay has never been higher since the pandemic started, with August numbers showing a weekly average rate of over $2.5K, compared to a December 2019 average weekly pay of just over $1K. And as staffing issues continue to plague the entire country, they show no signs of slowing down.

Should staffing agencies cap wages for traveling nurses?

A letter signed by nearly 200 legislators called for an investigation into high pricing by staffing agencies, but its authors insist they do not want to cap wages for traveling nurses. Some states are considering capping how much staffing agencies can charge healthcare facilities.

Are hospitals trying to cap nurse pay?

While hospitals aren’t directly trying to cap nurse pay ( or at least not yet ), they are trying to cut out staffing agency markups. Because, travel nurse agencies bill a lot more than what the nurses are actually paid, hospitals are forced to pay ( in some cases double) higher costs for nurses.

How does travel nursing affect hospital retention rates?

The agency is basically a brokerage for travel nurses and hospitals don’t want to pay the premiums. According to an article by, Cross Country Healthcare who specializes primarily in travel nursing, made $132 million in profit in 2021. In addition to the pay, travel nursing has significantly impacted hospital retention rates.

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