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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it cheaper to book flights through travel agencies?

It’s not but might be cheaper. There are some factors involved such as the travel agents being a major customer for the airlines due to the volume of the business, hence they get favorable prices in purchasing tickets which are generally the same price that a person would get when they are booking tickets at the earliest possible time.

Is booking through a travel agent worth it?

There are many benefits to booking with a travel agent, from cost savings, to having an expert there to help guide you and plan your trip. For one, they often have access to special rates or additional incentives (such as onboard credit, complimentary specialty dining, etc) which are not available when booking directly.

Can travel agent get cheaper flights?

There’s a rumor going around that travel agents can get access to free or discounted travel. It’s true! While some of your favorite, comped travel experiences are offered only periodically by vendors, there are many standard discounts available to travel agents everywhere.

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