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Frequently Asked Questions

What does muchsimas Gracias mean?

¡Maestro, muchísimas gracias! Maestro, thank you! Desda ya, muchísimas gracias! Desda already, thank you! Quería decirte muchísimas gracias! !! Just wanted to say thanks for the recipe! Link por favor, muchísimas gracias! See more translations and examples in context for "muchísimas gracias!"

Is muchsimas plural?

It is plural, there for muchísimas is technically proper. This is a bit of a "textbook phrase" though. It's not often that someone wastes the time to say it. Alex and Sabor are both right. Additionally, there is no such thing as "more correct."

What are some of the best Spanish sayings for Muchas?

Showing results for muchas. Search instead for muchísimas. Te lo dije muchas veces. No te metas con mi familia.I told you many times. Don't mess with my family. Las chicas llegaron. Muchas tienen hambre y quieren cenar ahora.

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