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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Transformationalist?

Definition of transformationalist : an exponent of transformational grammar First Known Use of transformationalist 1964, in the meaning defined above

What is the Transformationalist view of globalisation?

Lastly, are the Transformationalists. According to their view, modern processes of globalisation are historically irrelevant as the government and people across the world believe that there is an absence of clear distinctions between the global and the local.

Is transformationalism Neo-Confucian?

A transformationalist does not just favour change: they foment it. At the next level, we must practice transformationalism, which goes hand in hand with unlearning. While the supplanted transformationalism was not specifically Neo-Confucian, a central prop of the newly elevated emperorship affirmed a Han-dynasty contention that Zhu Xi had opposed.

What is transformationalism According to Mezirow?

According to Mezirow (2000), transformationalism helps adults make sense of their environment so they can act upon it. This is a complex process in which the personalities of the teachers and learners interact with the educational setting and the political environment.

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