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Frequently Asked Questions

How to send a 2022 Grad announcement?

For 2022 grads, sending an announcement that features a special quote or inspiring phrase is especially popular. If simple, generic design is more your taste, create a classic grad announcement that feels elegant. Don’t forget to add photos of your high school grad.

What is a graduation announcement?

Grad announcements help you share graduation news with friends and family who have supported your grad throughout the years. Share your child’s accomplishment with traditional and classic to modern and chic graduation announcements that showcase their personality.

Why choose paper culture for your graduation announcements?

Size: Paper Culture offers a variety of graduation announcement card sizes to allow for flexibility in personal preferences. Paper: Paper Culture offers three luxe and eco-friendly paper options all made with 100% recycled paper allowing your graduation invitations to help, not hurt the planet. 2. Personalize your Graduation Announcements

What are the benefits of college grad announcements?

Another benefit of college grad announcements is creating memories you and your family will cherish for a lifetime. These invitations will serve their primary purpose. Ultimately, you will be sharing a memento of a significant accomplishment that people will hold on to for years to come.

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