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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Postmates deliver Trader Joe’s?

No, Postmates no longer delivers Trader Joe’s. Postmates is a well-known food delivery service that delivers not only from restaurants but sometimes from grocery stores as well. Trader Joe’s used to be on their roster under grocery stores that you could place orders from.

Does tradtrader Joe’s have delivery?

Trader Joe’s used to have delivery in New York City, and its cost was too high in a city where delivery is easy. They have since discontinued it and don’t have it at any other location.

Why doesn’t Trader Joe’s have an online store?

Trader Joe’s was asked many times why they stayed an in-person operation and didn’t transition online. The answer was because of resources. Building the website and getting the online ordering operating system into place takes time and money. Many times, it doesn’t yield positive results.

Does Trader Joe’s dumpling grocery have curbside pickup?

Specifically, Dumpling Grocery is the service that you can use. Many grocery stores implemented an online order and curbside pickup option in the past year after the pandemic hit. Trader Joe’s strictly limited capacity and continued to be an in-person shopping store.

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