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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a tracker off road side by Side UTV?

TRACKER OFF ROAD Side-by-Side UTVs provide the rugged, hard-working versatility and utility of off road pickup trucks to remote jobsites and places where trucks can’t go. The essential features you need to get the work done and easier access to tight places you need to go.

Are tracker UTVs made by Tacker?

Tracker UTV models, if you pay fairly close attention to the off-road industry, will look awfully familiar. Tacker joined forces with Arctic Cat a while back and created Tracker Off Road. These Tracker UTV and ATV models are basically rebranded Arctic Cat machines and will be sold at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s locations across the United States.

Why readyready to buy tracker UTVs?

Ready To Buy? TRACKER Off Road side-by-side UTVs are the rugged and versatile equivalent of off road pick-up trucks, but able to traverse where full size vehicles won’t. If the job calls for solo work or an entire crew, TRACKER side-by-sides will get your gang and equipment where you need to be, safe and comfortable.

Why buy a tracker ATV?

From the younger member of your outdoor-loving family to the seasoned pro, there’s a Tracker four wheeler to connect everyone with their American outdoor dream. Tracker ATVs provide the cargo capacity to get the job done right and the towing capacities to pull their weight with the best of them.

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