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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a tracker panfish 16?

Boat Trader works with thousands of boat dealers and brokers to bring you one of the largest collections of Tracker Panfish 16 boats on the market. You can also browse boat dealers to find a boat near you today.

How much does a 2014 tracker panfish boat cost?

$3,800 2014 Tracker Panfish boat - Great deal, look how nive it is. NEW 2014 Bass Tracker Panfish 16SS powered by a Mercury 40hp 4 stroke!

What is a panfish 16?

Tracker Panfish 16 boats are typically used for freshwater-fishing and saltwater-fishing. These boats were built with a aluminum modified-vee; usually with an outboard and available in Gas.

What kind of fish can you catch on a tracker 16?

Overview The TRACKER® PANFISH™ 16 is a versatile boat for everything from crappie to bass to pike to walleye. With its helm-forward design and stick-steering set-up, it’s easy to fish, easy to load and offers unobstructed visibility for navigating woody coves and smaller rivers. You can drive, troll and fish from 1 comfortable seat.

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