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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the largest Toyota dealer?

Longo Toyota is the premier and largest Toyota dealer serving guests from Los Angeles, Orange County, West Covina, Pasadena, Riverside and San Bernardino County. With years of experience and training, the Longo Toyota team will get you into the Toyota that was built for you.

Does Toyota provide loaner cars?

Toyota will pick up cars, provide free loaners for recall service. Providing loaner cars, rental cars, or taxi reimbursement for a “reasonable period” if the customer is unable or unwilling to use his or her car. The potential cost, and resulting logistical challenges, could be significant in addressing the needs for millions of customers,...

Can you rent a car from a dealership?

Now here’s a little trick you may not know about: you can actually rent cars directly from car dealerships. Toyota, Ford, and Lincoln Mercury actually have dealerships around the country where you can rent a car right off the lot.

Can a dealership sell a car from another dealership?

If a dealership does not have a vehicle that you want, you can ask if they can do a "dealer locate," or purchase the vehicle from another dealer to sell to you. This is common practice with new car dealers, and the option is usually offered to the buyer if the dealer locate is possible.

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