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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tournament of Champions?

From the opening moments of Tournament of Champions, it establishes itself as a different kind of reality competition for Food Network. Inside the studio, crew members polish the set’s shiny floor, while the chef contestants arrive outside: Michael Voltaggio gets out of his car, and Jet Tila skateboards up to the studio, knives in hand.

How can I follow the tournament of Champions?

Follow along using #TournamentofChampions. FOOD NETWORK ( is a unique lifestyle network, website and magazine that connects viewers to the power and joy of food.

Is Tournament of Champions really a sudden-death elimination competition?

Yes, it’s a brutal sudden-death elimination competition, one that has organized its contestants—from an Iron Chef to an almost-forgotten Top Chef —into a bracket. The contestants on Tournament of Champions are nearly all recognizable Food Network talent, mostly people who judge various competitions.

How many episodes of Tournament of Champions are left?

In the first 90-minute episode, there were three battles, with three chefs eliminated already. The rest of the competition will go by just as fast, as there are just four episodes left of Tournament of Champions (Food Network, Wednesdays at 10).

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