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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best belly band gun holster?

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster This holster comes in 3 different sizes that fit bellies up to 53”, making it a perfect choice for larger people who want to carry concealed weapons. It also comes with an adjustable leg strap and waistband extension so you can get a snug, comfortable fit no matter what size you are.

Does comforttac belly band holster fit?

If you have a belly size under 44 inches, then most likely, this ComfortTac belly band holster will fit you well. This is because they’ve used a very stretchable surgical-grade elastic to make it. Also, the neoprene offers a very soft and comfortable way to carry your handgun.

What are the best holsters for big guys?

If you’re looking for a comfortable, concealable holster for big guys, one of the choices is made by UnderTech. The company’s flagship model is called the Original Belly Band and it comes in two sizes: small/medium and large/x-large.

What is a crossbreed modular belly band holster?

The CrossBreed Modular Belly Band holster takes a unique approach to form and fit. The Crossbreed integrates a molded Kydex holster with an elastic belly band, giving the wearer more stability than just an elastic belly band but more comfort than a rigid Kydex IWB holster can offer.

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