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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my toolbar back in Photoshop?

Window Menu and Tab Key. You can access the Window menu to view or hide any of Adobe Photoshop's panels, or right-click the title bar at the top of each individual panel and click "Close" to make it disappear. To reveal the Tools panel simply click "Window" then "Tools.".

Why does toolbar disappear?

There are a few reasons why the taskbar or toolbar in a Windows computer can disappear. The most common reasons are that the taskbar was moved or minimized or that the explorer.exe program stopped running.

How do you edit photos on Adobe Photoshop?

Steps Open Photoshop. Either double click the icon or open up a .psd file of your choice. Select the "T" from your tools. Use your mouse to drag and create a text box on your image. Enter the text that you wish to edit. Double click the text. It will highlight. Save the file. Save your file by pressing File>Save as>JPEG.

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